During the celebrations of the patron's saint day of Ocumicho, Michoacan, numerous complex rituals are held, in the same way as they have been for centuries. One of them is the preparation of the Iorathi, which are the offerings to the saints, prepared by the “cabildas” (A “cabilda” is a woman who has held a certain number of religious responsibilities for the community). The “cabildas" gather with the purpose of creating the “Iórhati”, which are long breads covered by an an arrangement of fruits, candies, etc.. The "Iorhati" is solemnly prepared by the young “cabildas” under the (almost silent) supervision of the elders.

The esthetic rules that govern the preparation of the offerings have been transmitted from decades to decades (cf.Ruth Lechuga's pictures of the same celebration from the 1970ies).

Another spectacular ritual is the “dressing up” of the “carguera” with all the gifts offered by the godparents and extended family: In the same manner as the large number of ribbons on her head symbolizes the numerous parental ties, the immense volume of rebosos (mexican scarves), aprons, and other gifts which are progressively added to the silhouette of the carguera is a stunning visual declaration of her numerous kinship.

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